Connected Services ignites core service delivery and procurement processes, illuminating new pathways for growth and cost savings for our clients. Whether it is vendor management, outsourcing, or establishing procurement protocols for essential business equipment and/or supplies; Connected Services provides its clients with integrated solutions to solve even the most complex business challenges but understands in the service business, that we are only as good as our last work order and executing consistently at all  levels of your enterprise with full transparency and accountability paramount to our decades of success in the industry. .

Leaders responsible for strategy, financial performance, and operational excellence of their business entrust Connected Services to deliver enterprise level solutions and business performance across your entire portfolio of properties.

We leverage a unique combination of industry and service expertise, real-time business intelligence, end-to-end process development and integration, a vendor, service, and procurement management platform to ensure transparency and compliance with pre-established business rules. Budgetary certainty and oversight with specific location based detail and GL Coding, and resulting financial management through the integration of our platform with the leading ERP solutions including: SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, and many more including  QuickBooks.

Why Connected Services:

  • Industry expertise. We work with a diverse cross-section of clients in all real estate verticals which provides us the breadth and depth of experience to develop the optimal solution for our clients’ operations. Our people are the best in the industry and have decades of experience in developing and delivering friction-less service operations.
  • Analytics & Insights. We consistently leverage analytics to identify opportunities to add value to all areas of our customers enterprise through the entire life cycle of your service and supply chain delivering actionable data to deliver smarter building intelligence, performance and value.
  • Technology. Connected Services has made significant  investments in technologies, such as software as a service, cloud computing, and mobility solutions, that give us greater delivery flexibility and options to develop solutions for our clients that reach them anytime, anywhere from any device.

Our services transform and improve the efficiency of our clients’ operations, enabling increased visibility and controls throughout their enterprise through substantial process improvements, yielding double digit cost reductions while also achieving increased service levels. Everything we do is designed to assist our clients in the ever-changing challenges of business, while fostering an environment of collaborative, strategic, and responsive solutions customized specifically to their needs.


We look forward to exploring your specific service and supply chain requirement, and experiencing the optimal integration of people, processes, and technology of Connected Services.

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